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 Photo by @shelbyraephotographs at Beetle Cat Blogger Brunch

Photo by @shelbyraephotographs at Beetle Cat Blogger Brunch


First things first: hahah that I got super eager a few months back and created this blog that is not-so-frequently used. Sorry about that. Oh and for the lack of newsletters. What can I say, life caught up to me! Oh well, better than not starting it at all, I suppose.

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST: one of my many, many New Year's Resolutions will be to be more active and give you really cool, valuable, interesting, can't-miss-it content. Okay, admittedly, I DO commit to, like, 15 Resolutions. I mean, odds are that I'm capable and motivated enough to make at least one stick, right? Be warned, though, because against ALLLLL odds, here I am in November of 2017 with 0/15 accomplished resolutions. I blame memes. And Riverdale. And The Morning Breath. And, well, Girl Gang. And every other thing I've loved this year for distracting me, so whatever. Life happens, amiright?

I digress. 

The point of this letter is to say HAPPY (almost) 6 MONTHS Girl Gang! Blown away at what this has become (How ATL Girl Gang Got Started), but I have sooooooo many goals to make it into something even more. There are many-a-things I would like to improve upon + have lots of ideas up my sleeve to make that happen. Yay! 

So, this post was going to be all about ranking my favorite moment from the past 6 months, but I really am not sure where I would start. Instead, I'm going to list a few things I expect out of 2018. Lucky for me, this 6 month anniversary falls pretty darn close to the start of New Year's Resolution time, so it's fitting. Plus, I'm a sucker for writing down goals and making your goals known, so here we go BaBes:

  1. Incredible, jaw-droppingly interesting blog posts *10K followers would help with linking these beauts - hint hint, spread the word*
  2. More fantastic parties and events
  3. A few more lbs because, let's be honest, ATL has some top-notch food
  4. Knocking those few lbs off because, let's be honest, ATL has some top-notch fitness studios 
  5. Some pretty stellar travel plans: San Diego, Malibu, Jackson Hole, Austin, Bermuda - all in the books! All compiled into blog posts (see #1)
  6. New relationships, spotlights and collaborations -- duh!
  7. GROW! Have no shame in saying that I want more followers, this IS a baby biz after all. As we grow, you grow. As we shine, you shine. Etc. Etc. 
  8. And finally, and don't mark my words here, but......MERCH! Yep, think t-shirts, sweatshirts, cups, notepads. This is a big commitment, but like I said, gotta dream big!

I'd love to list more, but who knows where the year will go. After all, I was FAR, FAR from having "create ATL Girl Gang" on my 2017 resolutions list. Instead, I had work on my vocabulary and read more. Ya.....that didn't happen. At least I said vocabulary instead of vocab, right? 

As per usual, thanks for following along and supporting each other. Each day I'm more and more inspired by you all! What would you like to see on Girl Gang in 2018? Do tell in the comments below!

Morgan Sandlin
Founder, ATL Girl Gang