Oh La La, We're In Jezebel

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OKAY, OKAY this will be a short post because honestly, we love when you all brag about yourselves, but we've yet to master the humble brag. Instead, we're going to tell you all about the back story to this guy. 



One day, a fun little email from a Ms. Betty Ann Graham popped into our inbox. She works for Jezebel and wanted to do a Q&A for their New + Next section. Problem was, they needed professional, high res pictures within a couple days. Guessing VSCO Instagram pictures wouldn't make the cut, so Plan B kicked in. 

Shelby from ShelbyRae Photographs was about to help photograph the Launch Party. Although we hadn't met, she agreed to meet up on the way to her Saturday AM Barre class. She (SOMEHOW) managed to keep me in check and not awkward - seriously, all credit goes to her because that's something that has never, ever happened - and had the pictures to me by that night. All because of collaboration and networking and the Gang.

We WOULD like to point that that we're on the same page as Ashton Kutcher and we're kind of obsessed with that. If only he was single and on the League, then we'd really be set. Right? We digress. 

Moral of the story:

Shelby, girl, you rock. 
Betty Anne, thanks for thinking we were worthy of your magazine. You're the best!
Jezebel, keep being cool.