Garnish + Gather x Lady Flashback


Did you get the riddle right? If you said GREATNESS then, yes, you'd be correct. We mess around a little bit and dabble in collaborations. They're fun because each time they are completely different. As we grow, we're learning that we may need to sit down with these cool girl bosses and do a few more Q&A's and get some insider tips and information for you all. 

 Emily (left) from Garnish + Gather, Jess (right) from Lady Flashback

Emily (left) from Garnish + Gather, Jess (right) from Lady Flashback

Too bad we didn't think about that before this amazing collab - HA! Sorry Emily + Jess, but don't worry, we'll talk again. Jess from Lady Flashback recently e-mailed us and mentioned that she and Emily from Garnish + Gather are working together -- again! Ah, ladies, you see the Girl Gang at work here. 

Before we sign off from this post, because TBH we're probably guilty of blog rambling, we want to tell you that you MUST follow @ladyflashback and absolutely HAVE to do a meal delivery from Garnish + Gather. Use our code - ATLGirlGang - for your first meal free. They are local, organic + THANK GOD very simple. We did have to Google how to cut a pepper, but odds are you're more advanced than us in the kitchen..... Not sorry. 

Promise we'll work on getting more than just pretty pictures for you all next time. Comment below and tell us what you'd like to see from these collabs. Question + Answers? Live Insta stories? How they got started? Advice? We're open to anything so you let us know. Xo!