Found By Lucy x ATL Girl Gang


So, yes, we do have a day job as well. Talk about that hustle, amiright? Anyways, said day job takes the Gang down to Florida every so often. Before heading down for this biz trip, we stole some necklaces from Found By Lucy. Naturally, our thought process went from work --> beach --> Lucy's necklaces. Call it Gang fever, I guess. 



Anyways, thanks to this amazing little model (Lisa! @leestay) we were able to capture some super cool content for Lucy. Also, we had a blast doing it. Who knew running around in 100 degree weather could be so much fun. 

Found By Lucy is such a great, great company created by Lucy Wilson. Yes, THAT Lucy, from Lucy's Market. She hand-makes each and every one of her necklaces, even engraving them on the back of the shell. On top of all that, she donates a portion of profits to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. No biggie. 

We also recently found out the necklaces are incredible versatile. For our Launch Party, we used the necklaces as napkin rings and let's just say, it was beautiful. 

She has a ton of designs out there and the line continues to grow, so keep an eye on her ladies, no telling where this girl will go! Also, if anyone wants to take us on a beach vacay so we can capture some more pictures, we wouldn't oppose...

Check her out ASAP @found_bylucy

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