From The Founder N°1


Well, hello there! 

So glad you're here. What a summer it's been; I went to Bermuda, bought a million and a half jean skirts and, oh yeah, started this thing called ATL Girl Gang. What a happy accident this Instagram account has become. As soon as I realized that this thing had a serious cool factor, the goal became to help girls of ATL inspire, collaborate, network and have a little fun along the way. And by a little fun, I mean a lot.

When I moved to Atlanta two years ago, I found myself always longing to move to LA or NYC, just so I could be surrounded by creative energy. I simply didn't feel that vibe here in Atlanta. Since starting ATL Girl Gang, I've realized that, boy oh boy, I wasn't alone in that feeling. So many of you are emailing, messaging and commenting about how much you've needed something like this. ATL Girl Gang is something that Atlanta clearly needed and I, for one, cannot wait to see where it goes. 

So here's to meeting new like-minded friends, growing businesses, and drinking lots and lots of rosé. Let's be friends?!