Desktop + Phone Swag À La Crystal Pettersen


Over and over again, we get the question, "how do I join the Gang?!?" Valid question, ladies, valid question. You see, we made this whole business on accident. Because of that, there was no game plan. All we know is we want to be inclusive, inspirational, and a lot of freaking fun. 

As we grow, we're working towards our goal of helping you grow. The best way we know how to do that is by creating a formalized process for joining the Gang. This will take some time, so in the meantime, consider yourselves ALL formal members of the Gang. We have no secrets here, so once we have that formalized process planned out, you'll be there first to know.

Now that you're a formalized member, you should brag about it. What better way to brag than a desktop or phone background?!? Lucky for us, we had Crystal from Crystal Petersen Design & Lettering (@ohaicrystal) create a beautiful branded design for you: fo' free. We asked for ONE and, HELLLOOO over-achiever who we love so much, we got THREE. 

Deck yourselves out, ladies. Xo!

Check out Crystal's website for her story!